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Styling Ideas: How To Wear Your Beads | OBAAT

Styling Ideas: How To Wear Your Beads

In our world today, as conscious beings who care about our environment, we question ourselves time and time again, what can I do for making choices that help to protect our precious planet?
With fast fashion so easily available we create a huge amount of unnecessary pollution, but without compromising on the fun part of dressing up and expressing yourself, one still can make choices that reduces your carbon footprint!

Not only your everyday clothing but your festival outfits can also be sustainable and still be the most stylish. Even more so, as wearing unique pieces it can become like treasure hunting for something unique.

Pick items that you would like to wear many times, if you know you will only wear it once and it ends up in the garbage, don’t buy it.

Wear natural fabrics, it is better for you anyway. Did you know your skin absorbs toxins from clothing dyes for example? Did you know that a big percentage of the plastic pollution in our oceans come from synthetic fabrics..

So reduce plastic and fast fashion as much as possible.

Upcycle, recycle, buy second hand and vintage, get your old clothes altered and make them more funky.
Get creative with your clothing you already own, mix and match in ways you haven’t before. Swop with your friends.

Buy from small businesses that support communities, get custom made outfits that really suits your personality.

Accessorise! Accessorise accessorise! It is probably the best way to give new life to an outfit you already have worn.

Our mission at OBAAT to raise awareness on sustainability, give back to communities and support a grater cause while preserving the heritage of handcrafted beaded work. It is beautiful to know who made the piece you are wearing and that the money you are spending on clothing also goes directly to the people who made them.

The big high street brands most of the times use cheap labour in a developing country where the workers don’t have the right circumstances to work, neither the payment they need for a decent living…
By buying from small companies you not only support their communities but eventually forcing out a change in the fashion industry.. And for our planet! One step at a time..

But so…. What to wear?

Travelling to a festival , most of the times you will be visiting a far destination, so first of all , check the weather!
Is it sunny and tropical? Or it might rain?

Your must have pieces include: bodysuits, bikinis, shorts and skirts and kimonos that you can easily dress up with different accessories. Flowing dresses, long skirts and cover-ups are a must.

You have to make sure you have the right shoes to dance the night away, sneakers or boots are the anytime go-to, and a small bag or a cosy backpack to fit your necessities. For the rainy days get yourself a funky raincoat and don’t forget to pack a scarf, it always comes handy.

Pro tip: have your own water bottle and your own cup so you can reduce single plastic use whenever it is possible.

We love Obaat’s colourful eye-catching beads, they add instant glam to any simple outfit, so you can instantly feel like the queen of the night!
You can easily style them with any simple bodysuit or dresses or wear it with something equally colourful! So much fun!