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DIHAD 2021

Annually in Dubai, DIHAD Conference & Exhibition serves the International Humanitarian Aid and Development Community in the Middle East, Africa and the world. DIHAD is a great opportunity to meet NGO’s, Charity Organisations, UN Agencies, governmental bodies, together with aid, education, and construction providers from the private sector to address the needs of the people and countries affected by crises, disasters and natural calamities. DIHAD Exhibition provides a great opportunity to network with companies/organisations (640+ brands from 84 countries) showcasing their latest technologies and innovations in helping the people suffering from humanitarian crises around the world.

Humanitarian Aid & Development communities, highlight the importance of humanitarian issues and addressing them in a way that would help in building a better future for all. The 17th edition was scheduled on the 15th to 17th March 2021 under the theme “Aid and Coronavirus, a focus on Africa”. This DIHAD Conference could not be more timely. We live in extraordinary times with huge numbers of people affected by conflicts and disasters. Humanitarian crises are more complex and last longer than ever before. DIHAD Conference 2021 will review the humanitarian and relief efforts in the continent where all aspects of Aid and Development are concentrated. The speech of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan also included: “The importance of this edition of DIHAD from the fact that it discusses a fundamental issue related to strengthening the capacity of the African arena to confront the Corona pandemic, and to help it recover and overcome its humanitarian and development crises in various fields.

The Sao foundation is proud to have been a part of DIHAD 2021, being a crucial platform for International Humanitarian Aid and Development. Due to these uncertain times, we could not physically attend the event but this did not take from the power the event wields in this field. We look forward to working with many of the trustees and organisations in the near future. Our imminent focus is the future of Africa post COVID-19 in which we hold close to our hearts.